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Portrait of a creative space: Ember Soberman Studio

When I asked the artist Ember Soberman where she found her inspiration, she gave me a laundry list. Most recently, she found her muse on the Big Island of Hawaii. She did a summer intensive at the University in Hilo. The theme was “Dimensionality.” She learned about the digital palette, 3D printing and sculpture. She also spent time working with a traditional wood turner. She carved integrate designs into bowls and cups. She’s now experimenting with those techniques here on the Île d’Orléans.

Ember’s inspiration has also come from working as an apprentice to a number of master artists, painting and exhibiting in far-flung places like Mérida and the Philippines, doing set design for the movie industry, and, of course, observing the many “characters” of New Orleans.

When I asked her about travel, she said, “It sharpens my senses and helps keep my perspective fresh. Painting is a form of journalism. When I’m on the road, I have less material, which is good. I have to respond with whatever is available and remember to simplify.

Ember’s studio is located in an old Riverbend warehouse that used to be used as an auto repair shop. It’s got plenty of space for all of those inspired ideas to blossom…



Ember has upcoming shows at The Old No.77 Hotel and Chandlery, The Where Y’Art Gallery, and Hall-Barnett Gallery. For more information about Ember and her work, go to


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