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Portraits of a creative space: Sandra Burshell

Sandra Burshell’s Studio

If the Mid-City Art Studios building on Toulouse Street were a Mexican mercado, Sandra Burshell’s space would be la seccion de dulces, or the candy section. Huge trays filled with colorful pastels the size of Tootsie Rolls occupy the bulk of the room. Like a child, I couldn’t take my eyes (or camera) off of them!

Wearing a large hat to block out the light from the room’s single, massive industrial window, Sandra moves back and forth between the trays and a large wooden easel. She scribbles furiously on a canvas, and then darts back to select a new color. Using a hand mirror and another standing mirror leaning against the opposite wall, she constantly gauges perspective. She then slides two strips of white construction paper up and down and from side to side to frame and reframe her ever evolving, remarkable compositions.

The results of her frantic yet calculated work (see collage) line the walls, the only space not taken up by the “Mexican candies.”



Sandra Burshell’s show, “Finding Our Place,” will be at the Carol Robinson Gallery from November 5 – 29. The Opening reception is Saturday, November 5th, from 6 to 8 PM. To learn more about Sandra and her work, go to


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