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Music video: “Big and Beautiful” by Mighty Brother

Editor’s Note: There are a lot of choices that we have to make in life. For Nick Hüster and Jake Ryan, the two men of the band Mighty Brother, choosing between body parts is not a place they’re willing to compromise. Their newest video “BBW” is not meant to offend; it was made in contingency with the “Big and Beautiful Tour” that is commencing today in Bloomington, Indiana and moving around the Midwest. These two New Orleans residents love the big and beautiful, and now they are showing the world.

Here is a full list of their touring dates:

9/15 Bloomington, IN @ The Frick Frack Shack

9/16 Cincinnati, OH @ A-House

9/17 Cincinnati, OH @ The Listing Loon

9/18 Bloomington, IN @ The Void

9/19 Fort Wayne, IN @ CS3

9/20 Bloomington, IN @ WTIU PBS “INtune”

9/21 Bloomington, IN @ WIUX “Live from the Living Room”; @ WFHB “Local Live”

9/22 Minneapolis, MN @ Var Gallery

9/23 Chicago, IL @ Uncommon Ground

9/24 Indianapolis, IN :: Benefit for the Bayou @ Fountain Square Brewing Co.

9/25 Indianapolis, IN @ Sofar


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