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Music NolaVie (MNV): Mighty Brother’s “Muscle To Bone”

Editor’s Note: Video might have killed the radio star, but the Internet will not kill the video star. Here at NolaVie we want to run, post, and talk about your music videos. If you have a music video for your band then send it to Kelley Crawford ( 

First up in our “Music NolaVie” is Mighty Brother with their newest video for “Muscle To Bone.”


Mighty Brother has recently completed a set of shows in the band’s birthplace, Indiana. Celebrating the release of their first music video the band played for excited crowds at Indianapolis premiere venue, the Hi-Fi, and Bloomington’s most fun bar, The Back Door.
The band has been living in New Orleans for the past year, and did not hesitate to bring their spirit of collaboration and optimism to the New Orlean’s music scene. In addition to this video, made in collaboration with Worklight Pictures, the band recorded three live in-studio videos at Bear America Records, and a music video for a body-positive song called “BBW,” complete with choreography and a green screen. Both the live video sessions and music video will be released later this summer!
Check out their new video for “Muscle To Bone” and then catch them on their mid-July jaunt through the Midwest or when they return to New Orleans in August:
July 2 – Trailhead Pizzeria (Bloomington, IN)
July 3 – The Switchyard (Bloomington, IN)
July 7 – Get The Folk In Here @ A House (Cincinnati, OH)
July 8 – The Brick Alley (Frankfort, KY)
July 12 – Crunchy’s (East Lansing MI)
To check out more about the band, the members, and their upcoming performances, you can visit:


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