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APPtitude: What entrepreneurs have on their phones for NOEW

Editor’s Note: We think of entrepreneurs as being on the cutting edge. They have the new ideas, the new creations, and the innovative ideas that turn thoughts into actualities. That’s why Sarah Holtz and I hit Fulton Street Square (the current hot spot for New Orleans Entrepreneur week) to ask some NOEW attendees and presenters about the Apps that keep them invigorated and interested.




Who: Barbara Cleforth

Trade: Toxicology

Specificity: Research and grant writing

Her favorite App: Society Of Toxicology App. It’s an App made specifically for NOEW.

Why she likes it: “It’s great. It has a map of the convention center, so when I say ‘where the heck is the room I’m going to?’ it tells you. And it populates your schedule, so if you’re bored it tells you what is near you, so you can skip out on the boring thing and go to something new.”


AppWho: Tom (he says he doesn’t need a last name)

Trade: Science

Specificity: Research in the area of birth defects

Favorite App: Reverb Nation

Why he likes it: “I do a lot of music on the side, and Reverb Nation is like a Facebook for musicians. You can find out who is playing when and where. You can post your own music and listen to other music. It’s my favorite and most used App, and I might use it while I’m here since it sounds like New Orleans has a lot of music around.”




Who: Harry LowenburgDrive

Trade: Community organizer

Specificity: The water challenge (dealing with urban and coastal water issues)

Favorite App: Spadesa and Google Drive App

Why he likes it: “It’s a bit embarrassing to say that my Spades App is my favorite. I use Google Drive on my phone all the time. Although, I really do spend more time on Spades than Google Drive.”



Who: Lemuria Clark

Trade: New Orleans Teen Council

Specificity: Student

Favorite App: Retailmenot

Why she likes it: “It gives me certain coupons that I can use at certain stores. It switches all the time, so I can use it for all different stores, and it tells me when I can go spend money but also get 25% off.”



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