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APPtitude: What entrepreneurs have on their phones for NOEW

Editor’s Note: We think of entrepreneurs as being on the cutting edge. They have the new ideas, the new creations, and the innovative ideas that turn thoughts into actualities. So I hit Fulton Street’s Start-Up Alley (the current hot spot for New Orleans Entrepreneur Week) to ask some NOEW attendees and presenters about the smartphone Apps that keep them invigorated and interested. Here’s an inside peek at entrepreneurs’ smartphones.

Artemis Antippas, Greek Girls Rice Pudding (Photo: Renee Peck)

Artemis Antippas, Greek Girls Rice Pudding (Photo: Renee Peck)

The entrepreneur: Artemis Antippas

Her start-up: Greek Girls Rice Pudding.”I grew up with it,” says Artemis, one half of the Greek Girls team (the other is sister Athena). “It’s as old a family recipe as one can get — it goes back 200 years. It’s delicious, and it’s an altogether new product.” Made with Louisiana milk, rice, cane sugar, lemon zest and a sprinkling of cinnamon, Greek Girls Rice Pudding is available at Hollygrove and Poeyfarre markets and Stein’s Deli, with other markets and potential new flavors on the horizon. “My vision for this is big. I want rice pudding world domination.”

Her phone: An oversized Samsung Note 5, loaded with 60-plus apps.

sunriseHer go-to apps: “I use Sunrise a lot — it’s a calendar app. And Timely is my alarm clock.” She also gives ColorNote a nod — “I tend to make little lists of stuff” — and uses Instagram. “Oh, and I love Venmo.”

Mad at herself for downloading: Netflix.

Her blue-sky app idea: An app that would do all my social media for me.


Anita Fournet, Gourmet Fournet dips (Photo: Gourmet Fournet Facebook page) Gourmet Fournet dips

Anita Fournet, Gourmet Fournet dips (Photo: Gourmet Fournet Facebook page) Gourmet Fournet dips

The entrepreneur: Anita Fournet

Her start-up: Gourmet Fournet Creole Onion Dip. “It’s my grandmother’s recipe — her name was Anita, too. Every single birthday party or barbecue, this is what I’m asked to bring.” So she turned the family fave into a cottage industry, whipping up 5 quarts of creamy dip at a go in her home kitchen. In addition to the original version, she’s fine-tined a spicy roasted garlic blend, as well as one spiked with Louisiana buffalo sauce. The dips currently are available at local green markets, but plans are in the works for a niche on local grocery shelves.

Her phone: LG Flex 2

Her app tally: 20 apps, only a few in perpetual use. Gmail is a go-to. And Yummly has cool recipes.

Mistake download: “My least-used app is I usually find stories through Facebook.”


Journalist Adrianna Lopez (Photo: Renee Peck)

Journalist Adrianna Lopez (Photo: Renee Peck)

The entrepreneur: Adrianna Lopez

Trade: Journalist about all things entrepreneurial, for sites such as Forbes

Her system: iPhone 6 Plus

How many apps on it: 50, plus or minus

Her go-to app: Instagram. “I post a couple of times a week, but it’s a great way to waste time and look at pictures.” Best snaps are of her daughter, 2.

Bad-idea download: My Fitness Pal. “It’s one I’ve never used. I think that the first night, when I started putting in what I’d eaten that day, I hit capacity after brunch.”


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