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UNO documentary: ‘An interview with Carol Pulitzer’

From her illustrations to her diverse journalistic portfolio to cooking background — New Orleans-based artist Carol Pulitzer is a creative Jack — or Jane, you might say — of all trades. Pulitzer recently decided to marry the three crafts in a unique book (in-progess) called Little Theatre, a project that has been swirling around in her head for several decades.

The delay, Pulitzer says, came from her inability to choose just one of her three passions for the project. “Then I finally realized that it’s okay to combine all three in a book.”

“It’s words and pictures and food, recipes; it’s everything. It’s not a normal book. I love books, and I want to do a book,” Pulitzer says, her own bookcases, packed with titles, towering behind her. “I call the book ‘Little Theatre’ because I write super short fiction and non-fiction, and I pack a lot of action into a super small space.”

Madeleine Hebert, a film student in the Department of Film and Theatre at the University of New Orleans, recently met with Pulitzer in her home (and writing, cooking and illustration space) to discuss the book project.

Keep up to date with Pulitzer’s creative ventures by visiting her site and following her food and visual art column on NolaVie.


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