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NOLA Snapshot: The Time is Right

In my last post I stressed the importance of being a patient photographer, of waiting until the crucial moment of capture has presented itself. A willingness to wait and watch often trumps out luck. However, that luck comes in handy when you happen to stumble upon an incredible opportunity that’s fading fast — a sunset, for instance — and you’ve got to go, go, go.

Such a moment came and went while I was out walking yet again with my trusty pup. The air was cool; the sun was slowly making its way down the horizon; life was good. I happened to look up at a tree I love near my house. Some clouds that had turned a vibrant orange in the sunset were floating behind it, making the tree look as if it were burning against the blue sky. I couldn’t believe my luck, and reached happily for the phone that I had left sitting on my desk at home.

Thankfully my house is close by, so I sprinted home and grabbed my phone and my small camera. I managed to get a few good pictures on my phone, but by the time I pulled my camera out the clouds had moved and the light had dimmed; the moment had passed.

However, if there’s any city that’s overflowing with significant moments — whether ugly, painful, or beautiful — it’s New Orleans. Even if I hadn’t managed to snap this photo at the right time, I know there are millions of sunsets waiting for me, and that’s the kind of prospect that gets me up every morning, looking for a bit of luck.

(Photo by: Hanna Rasanen)

(Photo by: Hanna Rasanen)





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