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Week in review

Your week got the better of you and you missed a beat or two on NolaVie. You can catch up on local cultural arts news in NolaVie’s Week in Review, featuring a snapshot of the week’s features, published every Saturday.

Voices from the classroom: Bring back the band


Jonathan Bloom, arts specialist representing the Orleans Parish School Board, discusses how the arts are being used creatively in schools around the city.


P.3+: Chapel of the Almighty Dollar


As part of P.3+, artist Dan Tague has created an interactive installation, a pyramid adorned with origami-like folds of paper currency.


Commentary: New Orleans and Kobani


What does the siege of Kobani have to do with New Orleans? Or its culture, to which this website is dedicated? The answer is: Katrina.


Voices from the classroom: Arts in education


Not-for-profit organization KID smART sends arts teachers into classrooms to help teach core subjects alongside traditional teachers. Together they plan lessons in science or math or biology.


The place that never was


One NolaVie writer questions whether she visited a twilight zone near southern plantation country.



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