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CONCERT RECAP: England in 1819 at The BEATnik

England in 1819

England in 1819 Photo: Steven Hatley

Band England in 1819 hails from Baton Rouge, but the group’s anthemic post-rock sounds as though it could be a transmission from an alternate universe where Mozart plays synthesizers with Thom Yorke. The classically-trained band utilizes stacks of keyboards and a french horn to create their dreamy sound, with each piece carefully crafted into songs that range from ambient to danceable.

The group stopped in to recently opened OC Haley music club The BEATnik last Saturday for an inspired set of their strongest songs to date. England in 1819’s style is in large part characterized by “grandwaves,” a unique combination of synthesizers, french horn and soaring vocals that build and explode in emotional crescendoes — a signature sound that was on full display at The BEATnik, with the french horn parts proving particularly entrancing. The touring lineup is as polished as ever, thanks to the recent addition of a live drummer to complement the electronic beats and offer earth-based grooves to propel the music forward.

England in 1819

England in 1819 Photo: Steven Hatley

The set was exceptional from start to finish — from the upbeat “Sirens” to the more subdued “Himmel” — showcasing a band confident in creating music that’s completely original, yet retains familiar elements that engage every type of listener. Each song had its own identity and carefully chosen place in the setlist as the music ebbed and flowed from eerie synth grooves to full on dream-pop (sometimes in the same song). Closer “Trophy 61” featured an extraordinary instrumental build up that provided just the right amount of payoff before leaving the crowd salivating for more.

England in 1819 is in the midst of an extensive tour that takes them across the Southeast, including multiple stops in Louisiana. Catch them at one of these stops for a taste of their mesmerizing sound.










Trophy 61




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