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PitchNOLA finalists target health

pitchnolaDon’t you hate it when Louisiana leads the rankings … in all the wrong categories?

Louisiana’s overall health ranking is 48 out of 50. Its obesity rate is more than 69 percent. The state has the most diabetes-related deaths and the fourth most cases of HIV/AIDS in the nation.

Local social incubator Propeller thinks it’s time for this to change. The entreprenurial organization’s PitchNOLA social innovation competition turns its eyes to health and fitness in its fifth year.

PitchNOLA 2014: Living Well is Propeller’s newest social innovation competition. Sponsored by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, the competition offers $10,000 in total start-up funding and technical assistance from Propeller: A Force for Social Innovation for solutions that will reduce health disparities and encourage a healthier, more active and better nourished New Orleans.

First place receives $5,000 in cash prizes. Second place receives $3,000. Third place receives $2,000. Fourth place received $1,000. As always, the audience will also have an opportunity to vote on an audience-funded Audience Favorite Award, the winner of which receives a minimum of $500.

The event takes place from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, April 24, at Propeller headquarters at 4035 Washington Ave. A donation of $5 is suggested.

SEMI-FINALISTS FOR PITCHNOLA 2014: LIVING WELL, in alphabetical order…

BarceNola Social Aid and Pleasure Club
Eric Kugler
A collaborative business that trains coaches, players, and referees; creates access, sources equipment, raises funds; and spreads the love of soccer, thereby improving the health of the New Orleans community.

Coordinated Care for the Whole Child
Connie Bellone

Removes health barriers to education for at-risk youth by embedding health and preventative care in schools.

Adam Mejerson
FitLot is committed to building a bike-able network of outdoor fitness parks throughout New Orleans.

Just Bee Cause
David Young
Just Bee Cause, a campaign of Capstone, will work to increase honey production and sales, which will be used to offset the cost of the farm’s operations and allow food to be given away to those in need.

Lower 9th Ward Market
Ward “Mack” McClendon

The Lower 9th Ward Market is a community driven outdoor market space providing residents with easy access to healthy and fresh produce.

Move It Nola
Summer Suleiman

Find your workout match, and get your guide to healthy living.

NOLA Birth Center
Dana Keren & Latona Giwa

The NOLA Birth Center is an out-of-hospital facility that will better Louisiana birth outcomes by providing holistic maternity care.

Nolan Ferraro

NOLA-Movement is a city-wide wellness-oriented initiative aimed at assisting 1,000 New Orleanians in losing 10,000 pounds over a 12 week period.

RD Note
Molly Hegarty

RD Note is an app that offers healthcare providers an easy, mobile way to customize and manage client services to ensure dynamic, high quality nutritional care.

Dr. Aaron Wolfson

ReHabbit is a proprietary system that collects and synthesizes patient sleep, activity, and pain data using commercially available activity trackers for treatment planning and documenting functional improvements.

Treux North Wellness
Danielle Burrell
Truex North Wellness is a provider of community wellness services, with a focus on fitness.

Your Nutrition Anytime
Erik Frank

Your Nutrition Anytime enables employees to access fresh nutritious meals anytime, day or night.


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