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Meet: Milkfish — the restaurant. After months and months…and more months, former pop-up MIlkfish has opened the doors of its standing restaurant (125 N. Carrolton). The joint that prides itself on its irrefutable reputation as “the only Filipino food in New Orleans” (a fact), will offer the same menu it maintained as a pop-up, with the exception of daily specials. Expect solid Filipno specials — from lumpia to sisig to pinakbet — all reasonably priced under $15.

And if that’s not enough to encourage you to visit: Milkfish does delivery; they host a service industry day every Sunday, with $7 plates and drink specials; and they will be inviting various up-and-coming chefs to pop-up in their space every Wednesday.

Eat: Sugerman’s Bagels. Yes, yes, I know we’re all still morning Artz’s closure. But, shockingly there are good other bagels in the city.

Full disclosure: You will have to schmear these guys yourself. New York native (that’s right, she has bagel-creds) Laura Sugerman bangs out bagels from her shop, Sugerman’s Bagels, with a chewy-to-crusty ratio superior to any other bagel situation NOLA has going. She sells them by the dozen, Tuesday-Thursday for pickup (occasionally from GoodEggs for delivery). Though the bagel-schmearing is exhaustive (you do need both a Bachelor’s and Master’s to successfully complete this task), you’ll be glad Sunday morning that you don’t need to dial and wait for bagel delivery.

Drink: At Patois’ “Crooner-Hour.” In a city beckons to the bar in the most alluring ways deeply competitive bar specials — $6-8 for perfectly blistered whole pizzas, more 50¢ oyster deals than we can count, a potentially-hallucineogenic, shot-inhabiting scorpion (hopefully not all at once) — it’s challenging for bars and restaurants to run stand-out drink specials.

Tonight, Patois (6078 Laurel) launches their refreshing reinterpretation of a Friday night staple — a 40s-style watering-hole . Every Friday, from midnight until closing, the restaurant will transform their space into a post-war lounge, with “lounge-era” cocktails (priced between $9-12, a 15% service industry discount, and, of course, a running reel of jazz music.

Wear: Fashionable fest sandals. If you’ve been to any New Orleans festival, you’ve seen it — hell, maybe you’ve worn it: the horrendously unattractive watersport sandal that leaves you thinking “Wait, am I white-water rafting or am I dancing in the mud (read: manure) to Springsteen?”

It’s true: at festivals, comfort is key, but this doesn’t mean you need to show up looking like you’re ready to ship off to summer camp at Lake Witchamacallit, where you’ll spend the next six weeks braiding lanyards with Muffy and Susie Q. Online retailer Opening Ceremony has teamed up with athletic water-sandal designer Teva to finally abridge the polarizing gap between festival comfort and trendiness . This week, Opening Ceremony released a sneak peak of metallic silver sport sandals that will neither leave you wanting to avert your eyes nor crawl in insufferable pain through festival grounds (Note: The pictured socks are merely a (BAD) accessorizing suggestion).

The sandals (still no word on the pricing) will not be released online until late fest-season, May 23rd, so for Jazz Fest, you’ll have to decide whether you’re going to camp, white-water rafting, or bearing intolerable foot-pain.

Laugh: Spotted in St Claude:

beware artist



Coming to a door near you: In the CBD: “Beware of pinstripe-clad yuppie;” in the Marigny: “Beware of aloof hipster;” in the Garden District: “Beware of mom with baby who may or may not bite.”

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