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Shortall’s Rectum Rocket recipe

Our behind-the-barbecue glimpse of Shortall’s BBQ left our mouths watering, so we naturally wanted a way to bring Shortall’s into our own kitchens. Owner Chris Shortall shared his recipe for BBQ Rectum Rockets a kicked-up play (involving BACON!) on jalapeño poppers.

Shortall's Rectum Rockets

Shortall’s Rectum Rockets

Shortall BBQ’s Rectum Rockets

Ingredients: gloves, jalapeños, cream cheese, bacon, and optional additions to the cream cheese, for example, chicken and pineapple, mesquite wood chips, and an indirect source of heat (a charcoal grill).

First, wear gloves — no mater what.

Slice the jalapeño down the side and remove core. (It is really important to remove the white part out of the jalapeño, which is the spicy part of the pepper.)

Soak the jalapeños in salt water for 2-3 hours (a special Shortall tradition used for killing the peppers’ heat).

Stuff the jalapeños with cream cheese (plain or herbed) and any additional stuffing ingredients (smoked chicken and pineapple are Shortall favorites).

Stuff the jalapeños. Then roll em’ in the bacon.

Get some mesquite wood chips over the fire.

Cook over mesquite indirect heat for 1 – 2 hours at 325 degrees, until they look cooked through. A charcoal grill will work for this step.

The longer you smoke the rockets, the less heat you will get from the peppers.


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