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Instajournal: Wizard World or Carnival?

This weekend, the Warehouse District was invaded by flocks of diehard sic-fi and gaming fans for the New Orleans Wizard Wold Comic Con convention. The convention costumes — flamboyant, bizarre, terrifying — seemed oddly commonplace in NOLA, a city that has proven it needs no excuse to dress up. And with Mardi Gras just around the bend, the boundaries separating the aesthetics of a sic-fi convention from that of merely a lovely weekend afternoon in the Big Easy became even less substantial.

Whether or not you made it to the convention this weekend, you’re likely familiar with each of these Wizard World scenes from previous Mardi Gras. Carnival or Wizard World … hard to tell.


Wizard World or…


Guarding his spot on the neutral ground.

Wizard World or…


End-of-parade security.

Wizard World or…


The people who wish they were end-of-parade security.

Wizard World or…


The porta potty sign: for private use only isn’t just a suggestion.

Wizard World or…


The Carnival germaphobe who douses you in Purell and Lysol before making any direct contact.

Wizard World or…


Sees your bead-catcing strategy and ups you 6-inch talons.

Wizard World or…


Flambeaux carriers got a budget increase.

Wizard World or…


“Mom, I’ve had too much Mardi Gras. Please come pick me up.”

Wizard World or…


Another day, another ball.

Wizard World or…


About to grab his bullhorn, then off to Bourbon.

Wizard World or…


Rob Ryan, is that you?

Wizard World or…


Why children’s king cake intake should be monitored: Exhibit A.

Wizard World or…


How we all feel on Fat Tuesday.

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