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Instajournal: How do you brew?

We all have our coffee preferences: black, organic, decaf (someone please explain this to me), doused in sugar. What does your local brew choice say about you?

The diehard Who Dat

coffee 6

“If I don’t sip my Black and Gold coffee from the chipped fleur de lis mug in multiples of three, the Saints will lose.”

The tourist


“This is where all the locals go. Hardly anyone knows about it.”

The religious “dieter”


“I’ll have a Big Mac, a large order of fries, McNuggets, and a Diet Coke.”

The anti-dieter


“I’ll take a splash of caffeine in my heavy cream, please.”

The former frat star who can’t move on


“The best part of waking up is Fireball in your cup.”

The rest of the frat


“The best part of waking up is the entire liquor cabinet in your cup.”

The “intellectual”

coffee 7

“I’m in the middle of Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge.” *Flips page of US Weekly.

The complicated soul


“I’m a conservative liberal; a Catholic atheist; and the drinker of decaffeinated, light roast, Swiss water process, USDA organic, fair trade coffee from Mexico. With unpasteurized, 1.5% goat’s milk — preferably Himalayan goats.”

The coffee-holic

coffee 8

“I’m not putting it in my body unless it contains caffeine.”

Everybody else


“After we buy matching cardigans at J. Crew, let’s drink a couple of glasses of Pinot Grigio at the Olive Garden.”

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