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Drink: Using El Guapo Bitters (you can use them to kick up your food, too!). The local company produces a line of bitters (4 oz. for $24.99, inclusive of priority shipping, online; and at Defend New Orleans) to dress up both your cocktails and cuisine. Southern-inspired flavors range from chicory-pecan to gumbo.

Eat: Octopus at Booty’s Street Food. The Bywater tapas restaurant has just rolled out a new menu; one of the more adventurous offerings is a small plate of octopus skewers with Korean chili sauce ($8). The plate is waistline-friendly, yet still packs a punch of flavor with the heat from the Korean chili.

Meet: Theory‘s limited edition Superbowl XLVIII tees and sweatshirts. Before Who Dats throw rotten produce my way — don’t worry, the apparel is not team specific. The clothing line has teamed up with the NFL to offer fashionable, commemorative apparel. The black and white garments (available for both men and women) are made of the same ultra-soft cotton blend used on all of Theory’s other t-shirts and printed with the Superbowl logo and date. Prices start at $95 and can be purchased here.

Fête: At Bring Your Own Stories. Yes, yes, bring your own booze (and food), but the star bring-your-own entities are the live stories. Once a month, the series meets in a unique location — anywhere from a private living room to a gallery after hours — to present eight, seven-minute stories, all pertaining to a central theme, which guests vote on to choose a winner. The events also feature live music, food, and beverages; they are free and open to the public, and tonight (1/17) BYO is having a house party keep the 2014 free: 8 PM at the Aquarium Gallery and Studios.


cajun mikes

Introducing the “to Hell with math” special. Because everyone enjoys a good word problem with their drink(s).Offered all day, every day. Only in New Orleans, right?

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