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Wisdom from NFL commentators

Editors note: Let’s talk football commentary:

“Football is a physical game.”

Is it now?

“It looks like the [insert huddling team’s name here]s are taking a time out.”

Yeah, well, I mean, they’re not down or playing…

“The team with the best defense wins.”

No kidding. The team that blocks the most points wins? That’s almost as profound as realizing the team that can score the most points wins.

The odd thing about football commentary is, well, where’s the commentary? It’s not a discussion, a viewpoint, honestly — even a point. It’s more or less a series of brief self-evident narrations, if you will.

But, hey, as long as whatever we hear from the NFL commentary box — commentary or narration — indicates the Who Dat Nation is one step closer to the Super Bowl, we’re happy.

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