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Cry You One Digital: Mr. Wimpy

This is the fourth and final installment of a collaboration between NolaVie and Mondo Bizarro featuring videos and stories from Cry You One, the company’s newest production. Each week during the performance series, which closes this weekend on Nov. 24, we’re showcasing a short video from CYO’s digital media component, coupled with a guest blog from one of the performers. This partnership aims to highlight and expand upon the stories of the people living on this land, working on this land, and doing their best to save it.

In this last guest blog of the series, Hannah Pepper-Cunningham returns to introduce a short video featuring Mr. Wimpy Serigne, President of the Los Isleños Culture and Heritage Society.

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Lloyd Wimpy Serigne

Lloyd Wimpy Serigne

As we approach the closing weekend of Cry You One’s live performance run in lower St. Bernard Parish, we are reflecting on the stories that have framed and rooted this work, and that will continue to inform and inspire it as we move towards the next chapter of the project. Mr. Wimpy Serigne, President of the Los Isleños Culture and Heritage society, was the first person we interviewed for the digital media component of the project.

Lloyd “Wimpy” Serigne, is the board president of the Islenos Society, as well as a former resident of Delacroix Island. He has been a contributor and consultant to the project throughout much of its development, and he is one of the folks featured on Beyond sharing information about the performance, our website serves as a platform where the wisdom of people’s stories can help educate and inspire folks to get involved in the movement to save Coastal Louisiana. In this clip of Mr. Serigne, he explains the way in which the dredging projects and navigational canals utilized by the oil and gas industry have contributed to the rapid disappearance of South Louisiana’s marshland and barrier islands.

Although the fall run of our live performance closes this coming weekend, the Cry You One project has much more in store. We look forward to a spring of performances, events and organizing throughout South Louisiana. If you would like to be involved, or know someone that you think we should interview or speak with, please email

NolaVie and Cry You One present this series that spotlight videos from the production’s Digital Media component. The performance runs OCT.26 – NOV.24.2013, Friday, Saturday and Sunday Afternoons.


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