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A new look for NolaVie


NolaVie debuts a new website this month, and we hope you’ll take a spin through it.

We’ve changed the way we do things on our home page. Instead of a chronological flow of articles, we give you a front page with featured stories, highlights, flashbacks, events and more.

Up top you’ll see sliding banners broadcasting great articles, NolaVie columnists, contributors and partners, reposts of compelling stories you may have missed, signposts to creative fiction or photo galleries and other content we think you might enjoy.

The two “Featured Today” spots beneath the banners belong to our freshest content, updated daily with new stories by our many and varied writers. “More Noteworthy Things” at the right will help steer readers to other brand-new stories, interesting events, articles from our online content partners, interesting aggregated items and the like.

Of course, if you like to sail your own ship, you can scroll down to the “Browse Content” section, where you can search for your favorite authors or find content using your favorite tags. We’ve updated our social networking, too (please like NolaVie on Facebook).

The new design comes courtesy of Caliper, a New Orleans-based design and development shop started by Eli Silverman, who migrated from New York to New Orleans a few years ago and, like the rest of us, can’t get the city out of his soul.

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