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C’est énorme! The antithesis of scratch paper

“People discuss my art and pretend to understand as if it were necessary to understand, when it’s simply necessary to love,” stated the one and only Claude Monet.  And when it comes to Alexis Walter Art, love comes easily.  In fact, one could draw many parallels between Walter’s colorful abstract landscapes and Monet’s famed impressionist water lily’s, but that’s beside the point, isn’t it?  The real story is that Alexis Walter Art evokes that coveted emotion, love.

Immense depth and invigorating colors bring Walter’s abstract artwork to life.  From perfect French blues to creamy buttery whites, each color splashed on her canvases is the result of intense thought and a lifetime of inspiration.  “Nothing about Alexis is scratch paper,” stated a patron at Walter’s gallergy as she pulled out a beautiful, gold engraved notecard and handed it to local celebrity decorator Gerrie Bermermann to jot down a measurement.  And in fact, Alexis Walter couldn’t have been described more accurately:  the antithesis of scratch paper.  Alexis’s fine work is of a quality suited to be engraved in gold.  And naturally, this fine eye for detail shines through brillantly in her work.  Her pensive strokes are nothing short of exquiste and her love affair with color turns each canvas into a layered wonderland.

Image by Kerri McCaffety

Bremermann discovered Alexis Walter Art in 2011 and brings her work to clients across the country.  Whether it’s a gilded gold frame wrapped around a water color or a 5-foot cavas stretching across an entire wall, a touch of Alexis Walter’s art brings a fresh perspective into the environment.  Bremermann, of course, is énorme in her own right.  But that is another story.

With Alexis, nothing is done hastily or without thought.  Just check out her pinterest boards and you’ll see what I mean.  Few people can observe the nuances of daily life like Alexis and so fluidly translate it into a work of art.  Who else would notice a chip of paint off an 18th centruy French commode or the vibrant colors at an Indian market, and have the ability to turn that inspiration into a perfectly pieced together work of art? But again, that is the essence of art, isn’t it? We needn’t understand how Alexis Walter achieves such perfection, we only have to love it.


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