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The Vie Side: Comedy, History, and Story Telling

FRIDAY / Make loving fine: Didn’t get enough of Valentines day on Thursday? The New Movement Comedy Troupe is here to fill all of your holiday needs, except instead of buying you flowers and chocolate, they’re going to motivate you and make you laugh. The 9 PM show is Motivational Romance: Let’s Get Motivated…With Love!, sure to get you on the right track to coupledom. 10:30 PM is a special Valentines edition of the Franchise. The evening closes at 11:59 PM with Weird Sex Stories, which is exactly what it sounds like. Whether you’re head over heels or bitter and jaded, New Movement has got you covered.

SATURDAY / Run, Rabbit, Run: The National World War II Museum is always bringing history to life with their exhibits, events, and films. This Saturday, they are taking it a step further with the Living History Corps. The Living History Corps is a group of volunteers who wear both Allied and Axis uniforms and share stories of World War II, both of daily life and broader impacts. This is a way to engage with history, and be simultaneously educated and entertained.

SUNDAY / Gather ‘Round: New Orleans is a city full of stories. This weekend brings an opportunity to hear a few of them. Shipwrecked! is a monthly live show and podcast dedicated to the art of storytelling. This month’s theme is “Keeping it Together,” with the storytellers sharing real experiences about handling life in the face of change. These true stories from some of the city’s most creative thinkers will be shared this Sunday. Tickets are $8.


Anna Shults is associate editor of NolaVie.


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