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Six Years After: an interactive series on post-Katrina New Orleans

This week NolaVie content partner WWNO radio is exploring some of the important issues impacting quality of life and the future of New Orleans in a new public affairs series, New Orleans: Six Years After.

The series hopes to inspire discussion about these issues in order to help New Orleanians work as a community to help tackle the challenges that face our city and region, and recognize the opportunities, during this extraordinary period of transition in New Orleans. Listeners are invited to tune in, listen, and join in the discussion as NolaVie president Sharon Litwin and Eve Abrams report.

The series will air through Thursday, at 8:40 a.m., or can be heard online by clicking on segments below. There will be a live survey on PollBob following each report, and we encourage you to join in a discussion on our website. To participate in the surveys, head over to, or download the Pollbob app for your iPhone or iPad.

Part 1: Blight and Rebuilding New Orleans

New Orleans has 43,000 blighted properties, more than any other American city. Fighting blight can be complex, But since Mayor Landrieu’s administration took office, there’s been an invigorated effort at easing the problem.


Part 2: Community Trust and the New Orleans Police Department

The public’s trust in the post-Katrina New Orleans Police Department is still a fragile commodity. But the men in blue and their leadership are attempting to re-engage the communities they serve.


Part 3: Charter Schools and the Recovery School District

In New Orleans, the city with the most public charter schools in the nation, individual charters’ standards of discipline can vary widely, and the Recovery School District is dealing with challenges of equity in this new approach to public education.

Part 4: The Mental Health Crisis

As Mental Health services in our region face continuing funding cuts, what is the roll of this care in the overall health of the city.




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