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Audubon Yoga Studio encourages strength through discipline

Free classes for new students will be offered the week of September 6-12 at Audubon Yoga Studio, the destination for this week’s NOLA Yoga Journey.

Studio: Audubon Yoga Studio

Location: 511 Octavia Street

Audubon yogis invert with the aid of props Overview: Owner Becky Lloyd’s philosophy of “progress not perfection” captures one of the core principles of yoga, and by encouraging students to turn inward, helps, as Lloyd says, “build up a vibration within so that we find peace and equaniminity in the busy-ness and the stillness.”

Audubon Yoga Studio is an exclusively Iyengar yoga studio, emphasizing the alignment of the body and building strength and flexibility through precise and mindful work in the asanas. Iyengar uses props to challenge the practitioner both mentally and physically. Though a more formal style of yoga than those practiced in many other New Orleans studios, it can be a solid supplement to any yoga practice when performed correctly.

Ambiance: Iyengar yoga requires a specific setup of three blankets, two blocks, a mat, and a strap, which are all provided by the studio. Before class the mood in the studio is very focused and calm as everyone sets up their spaces, which sets the tone for a peaceful class. The sense of peace in the studio is enhanced by the beautiful, entrancing batiks that hang from its ceiling.

Even the Audubon Yoga Studio logo turns inward to find calmCommunity: Upon entering the tranquil studio, students will instantly feel more “comfortable with who they are,”  a task Lloyd finds to come naturally to New Orleanians. Finding comfort in one’s own skin is encouraged by Iyengar’s systematic and orderly set of asanas. The required dedication, discipline, and internal practice may cause patrons to seem more mellow and introverted, but this community of yogis still exudes acceptance, strength, and purpose.

Classes/My Picks: I recommend starting in a level one class, as Iyengar focuses on alignment and one can get easily injured if he/she progresses too rapidly. I also recommend taking a class with Becky Lloyd, the owner of the studio, who nurtures a gentle yet challenging practice.

Price: Audubon Yoga Studio will host free classes for first-time students the week of September 6-12. For returning students the prices are as follows: Drop ins: $15/ 1.5 hour class, $20 for 2 hour class; 14 week sessions: $168 for 1 class per week, $308 for 2 classes per week, $10 for 3 classes per week.

NOLA Yoga Journey recaps one yogi’s journey through the yoga studios in New Orleans. It explores the unique yoga community of New Orleans, one that reflects the life, culture, and mindset of the city and its people.

Brianna Smyk has an M.A in Art History from San Diego State University. She lives and works in New Orleans and writes about arts and culture for NolaVie. Read more of Brianna’s articles at


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