Get Active 2023: How to live life like a sports game

When someone hears of living life like a sports game, they probably assume it means living life as a joke or not seriously. But, there are actually many different meanings that living life like a sports game can have. It could mean exercising every day. Because in sports one is extremely active, the statement could apply that one should be active every day. Another implication is to live life competitively due to the fact that most sports are competitions and most athletes are competitive. The most important implication is probably that everyone should have a team. Teams are a pillar in sports and in life.

Affordances are what the environment offers a group of people. Often, a team is composed of people with shared affordances. These types of teams live together or close to each other. They can be in the same building, in the same home, in a townhouse together, on the same street, or in a gated community together. There are many different ways in which the environment can bring people together. In this sense, I also start to think of how the whole world is actually a team because we all share the same Earth. This Earth is everyone’s environment and everyone has to take care of it.

Families are very important in many ways. They teach you the aspects of a team and the aspects of a community. On top of this, they also help you learn and help you to grow up. On top of this, they also are one of the most important teams. This team is most commonly one which will stick by you through your entire life. They are there for you through the ups and through the downs. This is also a team that can change. Someone can get married bringing in a new team member, someone can have a child or multiple bringing it little team members. What is sad about a family is when you lose someone from your team.

The first thing that often comes to mind when thinking of a community is people who live near each other. But a community can be many other things. A new and large community that has emerged is the LGBTQ community. This community is comprised of different genders, different sexualities, different interests, but they all have one thing in common and that is that they are not seen as “normal” because they are just not heterosexual. This is often how a community is formed, by having one large thing in common tying everyone together. Other communities often involve schools, sororities, there are even online communities nowadays. Communities are everywhere and a big part of our lives.

Teams are way more important in life than most people realize. They can be made up of two people, three people, or millions of people. They have many different reasons for being made whether it be a specific necessity or a specific goal in life. Teams can even come out of nowhere. Teams can be a family, a class in school, a group of roommates, or even a completely random group of people. Teams can remain the same for years and teams can even change. Wikipedia defines a team as a group of individuals (human or non-human) working together to achieve their goal. Ultimately a team is way more than just a group of people playing sports together.


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