A Black Spirit Memoir 2021

What: A Black Spirit Memoir 2021 

Film by: Events Community Book Center Nola

What is the Community Book Center: The New Orleans Community Book Center is a bookstore and community space that specializes in African literature and hosting performances. The bookstore’s mantra is to be “more than just a bookstore” as they hold events that strive to share stories of various groups of color and bring the community together. 

Summary: This video is a recording of a Zoom meeting that was held in honor of the Black Lives Matter movement in June 2021. The video is a conversation between three women who go through Black history through stories, traditions, books, memoirs, and more. The meeting starts with a poem read by each leader to get the audience thinking. It then goes on to a discussion of various books and personal stories that draw the audience in. The video is informative, inspiring, and personable.




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