Let’s paws: The endangered orangutan at Audubon Zoo

Mother orangutan and the baby moments after birth Photo Credit: Audubon Zoo Staff

Introducing the Sumatran Orangutans of the Audubon Zoo. The Sumatran orangutan is historically an endangered species, yet very recently, Reese, a female orangutan at Audubon Zoo, had a monumental birth: a new baby whose name is to be determined! Along with Reese, her pack includes Jambi, Feliz, Menari, and Bulan. Within this group of orangutans, the family tree goes something like this: Feliz gave birth to Menari in 2009. Menari’s father, Berani, is now at Denver Zoo. Feliz also gave birth to Bulan in 2019. Bulan is the offspring of Feliz and Jambi. Jambi transferred to Audubon Zoo after Berani moved to Denver Zoo. Got all that? On February 28, 2021, Reese gave birth to the new infant, whose dad is Jambi. Join us for the next few days on Instagram as we chat with Audubon zookeepers about this fascinating but elusive animal.  #AudubonZoo #endangeredspecies #SumatranOrangutan #NewOrleans



Reese; the mother Orangutan Photo Credit: Audubon Zoo Staff

Are Sumatran orangutans endangered? Are their numbers going up, down or neither, as they reproduce at Audubon Zoo?

Sumatran orangutans have been assessed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as “critically endangered” and therefore threatened with extinction—there are fewer than 14,500 living in the wild and their numbers are declining. We do not have the most current number of animals in the wild, so predicting an increase/decrease/holding is difficult. Bornean Orangutan numbers were predicted to decline significantly by 2025. #AudubonZoo #endangeredspecies #SumatranOrangutan #NewOrleans. This website may be helpful: https://www.orangutanssp.org/


Mother; Reese with unnamed newborn Photo Credit: Audubon Zoo Staff

From where do you get their primates?

Audubon Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) and all of our Sumatran orangutans are part of AZA’s Species Survival Plan, which manages the orangutans in AZA accredited Zoos across the country. Our primates come from other AZA accredited Zoos across the country based on their genetic compatibility. The AZA Species Survival Plan acts as a matchmaking service to ensure the most genetically valuable animal transfers within the accredited AZA Zoos and Aquariums across the country. #AudubonZoo #endangeredspecies #SumatranOrangutan #NewOrleans

 https://www.aza.org/species-survival-plan-programs?locale=en, https://www.aza.org/about-us


Harvesting palm oil; used to feed the Orangutans
Photo Credit: World Bank Photo Collection (CC)

 I noticed in an article that you recommend buying sustainably grown palm oil for these animals. Why?

One of the largest threats to Sumatran orangutans in the wild is human-wildlife conflict due to the spread of unsustainable palm oil plantations into their forest habitat. To help orangutans in the wild, it is recommended to purchase products with sustainably grown palm oil instead of supporting unsustainable palm oil companies. By supporting companies that use sustainable practices in logging and agriculture we are demonstrating that it is possible to conserve wildlife habitat while supporting the local economy. #AudubonZoo #endangeredspecies #SumatranOrangu
tan #NewOrleans




Red Wolves
Photo Credit: Chicago Man (CC)

 How can we help other Audubon Zoo endangered species?

Donation Link:https://audubonnatureinstitute.org/donate Although the Sumatran orangutan was the only animal highlighted in this thread, there are many critically endangered species at the Audubon Zoo: clouded leopards, Mexican grey wolves, red wolves, and the bongo antelope, just to name a few. Donations for all of these species and all of the different departments that the Audubon Zoo has, are greatly appreciated and helpful in bringing their numbers back up in a controlled and safe environment. Through the zoo’s website, there are donation and adoption links and other ways people can get involved such as volunteering, feeding, donating, and so much more. The animals need you. Help build a future for those who can’t speak for themselves. #AudubonZoo #endangeredspecies #SumatranOrangutan #NewOrleans #donate


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