The poetic city: “Serendipity” (The little Buddha part II)

All that we are is a whole lot. (Photo by: Reece Burka)

 “Serendipity “
The mud, the rock, the root, 
the water, and a dapple of sunlight 
all came together when 
I was looking elsewhere…
I needed a sign. 
Not finding what I was seeking 
I relaxed into the whole 
and he appeared unbidden: 
The little Buddha in the woods.
Sitting in serene repose 
his stillness lent elegance 
to nature’s messy complexity
and I found myself in a state 
of aesthetic arrest. 
When I finally emerged 
from my reverie and examined 
the composition of my vision
it dissolved back into
Its component parts…
Once again I was looking at
mud, rock, root, water 
and a dapple of sunlight. 
The little Buddha had disappeared…
But everything else was different. 
Reece Burka
8/8/2022 (The little Buddha Part II)


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