The Poetic city and summer sizzlers: “Context for a Walk in Audubon Park”   

Editor’s Note: 85% of the US population owns a smartphone(statista). This adds to the constant busyness of  lives and makes it hard to unplug; it can also lead to unneeded stress. According to a 2019 study published in Scientific Reports, spending at least 120 minutes in nature a week is associated with good health and decreased stress (White et al).  In other words, sometimes we are in need of a stroll through the park, so that’s what we’re giving you. The following is a collection of articles about different parks in New Orleans. The collection features historical articles, talking about the history of different parks; informative articles, featuring different events that can be attended at parks; and creative writing that draws inspiration from the park’s beauty. Our goal through curating this selection was to give anyone the ability to take a virtual stroll through the park. We hope this collection provides a much needed disconnect from the world, and inspires you creatively. This piece was originally published on Oct 24, 2017. 

Audubon Park (photo by: Chad Carson)

“Context for a Walk in Audubon Park” 
by: Reece Burka
When I awoke to a text from a friend
bearing the news that every atom in
my body had been on an extended journey
through stars, planets, and countless organisms
before becoming a part of me, I felt honored.
The thought of myself as entirely composed
of these tiny travelers produced a sense of 
cosmic value that I hadn’t realized I possessed.
I had already learned that matter arises
from the dust of exploding stars; but the idea of
each atom crossing the immensity of space
and time as a separate entity seemed to make
everything quite special.
My wife folding laundry, the dog
chasing the cat, the dishes in
the sink, and even my unmade bed
were all imbued with the spark, twinkle,
and mystery of the nighttime sky.
Every object appeared energized by everything
that went before it, all the way back to the Big Bang.
So, I am sure you can imagine how glorious
it was when I took my daily walk-in-the-park
later that Sunday afternoon.


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