Artists in their own words: Nadina Hassan

The may be Mean Girls but they’re also a whole lot of fun (Photo by: Teg Folks)

Who: Nadina Hassan

What: Actress, who plays Regina George in the upcoming engagement of Mean Girls, which will play at the Saenger Theater May 17-22 

Favorite quote from Mean Girls: “Is butter a carb?” 
KC: The story of Mean Girls is based on the nonfiction book Queenbee and Wannabees, so what is it about being part of a group setting do you think is so important, especially for those who identify as women? 
NH: Being around other people in this way is totally invaluable because you encounter so many different walks of life. Everyone comes from a different background and different upbringing; it’s so important, especially at a young age, to experience these walks of life to better support and uplift other women, which is ultimately the goal. 
KC: Where and when do you find that Regina’s character could help you in real life? Why? 
NH: She’s a very very smart girl. Her awareness and ability to read people so keenly are definitely traits I use in my daily life. I like to think I, Nadina, use those things for good, though!

Cause a Mean Girl is always easier to take in a song (Photo: Teg Folks)

KC: If you were going to connect this show with a city — as in they are symbols of each other — what city would you choose and why? 

NH: Our show is all about being yourself and not being afraid to be different. I think New York City is a perfect emblem for that message. It’s a city where there is a place for everyone and all walks of life. People aren’t changing to fit any mold because there is no mold. 

KC: What is the spirit of the play that gets you excited, and how do you see that spirit playing out in the performance? 
NH: I love this question because I could talk all day about how much joy emanates off of that stage. It’s such a brilliantly written and expertly crafted show that already has the audience in stitches from laughing so hard. The true message of the show is rooted in embracing yourself and not changing who you are for anyone else. This spirit is palpable as everyone on the stage is embracing it wholeheartedly. I always say that it is such a joy that everyone leaving the building (audience, cast, and crew) are all leaving with the same joy and energy. 
KC: If you were to put a small dinner party together for Regina, with 4 other people (anyone in history or current), who would you choose and why? 

NH: Regina’s ideal dinner party would include Kim Kardashian, Michelle Obama, Rihanna, and Marilyn Monroe. All of these women are change-makers in their respective industries and very powerful change-makers at that. They each represent a great deal of power and are very business oriented as well as intelligent. This may be the only room that Regina would feel comfortable not being the top dog in. I, Nadina, would love to be a fly on the wall in this room!

You can see Nadina Hassan star in the role of Regina George in the upcoming engagement of Mean Girls, which will play at the Saenger Theater May 17-22  as part of the 2022 Hancock Whitney Broadway in New Orleans season.


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