Five favorite study spots in New Orleans

Editor’s Note: As a Tulane student who spends many hours studying, it is nice to get off campus and find a variety of places throughout New Orleans to work. I found my top five favorite places to get some efficient studying done, with different environments to match what I’m feeling or what I need that day. Of course, if you aren’t a student, you can still take advantage of these outdoor oases for some personal contemplation.

Study Spot #1: The Fly

6500 Magazine Street

Riverfront view at The Fly (Photo by: Karina Lall)

Audubon Riverview Park, commonly known as “The Fly,” is a great study spot on a  sunny day. It is a nice riverfront spot to bring a picnic blanket and food to get some work done and relax, and people also go there to play frisbee, watch the sunset, and spend time with friends. It is usually busier with college students on weekends and there is no central wi-fi, so the best time to go to get work done is on a weekday, when you don’t need wi-fi or have a hotspot.

Study Spot #2: Audubon Park

Entrance Pavilion: 6400 St. Charles Avenue

Audubon Park has a similar vibe to that of The Fly, except most of it is not on the riverfront. It is a beautiful, relaxing park with lots of shaded study spots and big trees. There are also picnic shelters, and throughout the park you will see people taking walks, having picnics, and sitting on benches or even in hammocks. It is not usually crowded in one concentrated spot, as people are usually dispersed everywhere in the park. So if you are looking for an outdoor study spot on the weekends, I would recommend coming here over the Fly. There is also no central wi-fi here, so be sure to come here when you have work that does not require it or you have a hotspot.

On a stroll in Audubon Park (Photo by: Infrogmation of New Orleans)


Study Spot #3: Rue De La Course

1140 S Carrollton Avenue

Inside seating at Rue De La Course (Photo by: Infrogmation of New Orleans)

Rue De La Course is now a coffee shop in a historic bank building with a great atmosphere. It has a very unique look compared to generic coffee shops, and has lots of tables to spread out and buckle down when necessary. There is a good amount of space inside and there is a second floor with a few tables up there as well. Additionally, there are some outdoor tables. There is also some gentle classical music inside, and it usually never gets too loud inside to be distracting. Their coffee is always delicious and refreshing, and the food is tasty, so I definitely recommend grabbing a bite to eat and some coffee to get some energy for your study session.

Study Spot #4: Mojo Coffee House

4700 Freret Street

Mojo is a comfortable place to study, with delicious coffee and food. The music inside is very relaxing, and both indoor and outdoor seating is available. Mojo is also in a prime location close to Tulane’s campus, and surrounded by several food spots if you want to grab something else to eat. It can get crowded with students on weekends because of the convenience of its location, but I really recommend studying here for a great vibe, flavorful coffee, and a productive day.

Outside of Mojo Coffee House (Photo by: Infrogmation of New Orleans)


Study Spot #5: The Bean Gallery

637 N Carrollton Avenue

There are always those days filled with absurd amounts of work, and it’s nice to sit in one spot and be able to do it all.

Outdoor Seating at The Bean Gallery (Photo by: Infrogmation of New Orleans)

The Bean Gallery is the perfect place to do this, since its hours are longer than most coffee shops, closing at midnight Sunday-Thursday, and at 10 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. This is another cozy, inviting coffee shop with both indoor and outdoor seating to get some delightful food and drinks, and it is also dog friendly. Overall, it’s a great atmosphere for an efficient day of work.


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