The poetic city: “From Dread to Acceptance in a Meditative Moment”

The Pinwheel Galaxy (Photo by: Jared Smith, CC)


“From Dread to Acceptance in a Meditative Moment” 

Sometimes it starts out with a
recitation of woe, angst and dread. 
Before long it switches 
to worry and pressure. 
Then a light goes on 
and I realize that I am lost. 
Relocating self in space & time
I ask the magic question: 
“What am I feeling?”
Framing my feeling as such
allows me to explore it 
as I would any work of art.
By now my identity has shifted 
from the particular to the universal. 
And I find myself going about 
the business of being human 
once again.   
Reece Burka


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