The poetic city: “On The Family Trip: Underneath The Waterfall”

The falls of North Carolina. (Photo by: Reece Burka)

“On The Family Trip: Underneath The Waterfall”

Underneath the roaring falls
a couple kisses passionately, 
not once but three times…
Their 13 year old daughter smiles 
as she captures the moment 
with her father’s smart phone.
Her younger brothers act out 
their embarrassment in silliness. 
Her younger sister’s attention 
wanders elsewhere from one detail 
to another. 
What is it about waterfalls that 
creates such excitement and 
renews passion with such intensity? 
Maybe it happens in moments 
where we are sufficiently distant 
from nature’s raw power to feel safe, 
yet sufficiently close for it to resonate 
at the deepest core of our being. 
Reece Burka  7/31/20
Dry Falls, Highlands, NC


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