The poetic city: “Musings Under The Oaks: On Being 75”

The shadow of the poet, Reece Burka, musing under the oaks. (Photo provided by: Reece Burka)

Musings Under The Oaks:  On Being 75

Even though I won’t be officially 75
for two more months, 
I have been saying that 
I am 75 since the day after 
I turned 74. 
For some reason the moment
I reach one birthday, 
I start identifying 
with the next. 
And I’ve loved telling everyone 
that I am 75 for almost 
a year now.
It connotes gravitas and wisdom, 
with a pinch of youth
still in the mix.
It’s an age where the sheer 
accumulation of years 
is an accomplishment
in and of itself. 
With no need to prove oneself 
or justify one’s existence
I can relax and let each day 
come to me. 
So I’d better make the most 
of being 75 now because
when i actually turn 75
I will be 76 the next day. 
And 75 seems so much 
more appealing than 76. 
Reece Burka 


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