The poetic city: “Musings Under The Oaks: The Trouble With Perfection”

Musing under the oaks. (Photo by: Reece Burka)

Musings Under The Oaks: The Trouble With Perfection   

Once upon a time I believed that 
I might earn the keys to the pearly gates
if I could write a perfect poem, 
make a hole-in-one, have a perfect marriage
and meditate without distracting thoughts. 
Once there, I pictured myself 
enjoying the freedom of ultimate leisure
in a land of eternal delight 
until I realized how lonely I would be
having left all of my friends behind.
So, I decided to abandon my quest
in exchange for the fellowship of humanity
and relief from the pressure to be perfect…
And besides, I was never much good at golf anyway.
Reece Burka 6/23/2020


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