The poetic city: “Musings in Audubon Park, Perfect Acceptance”

Photo of milkweed seed fluffs. (Photo by: Kay Fallon)

Musings in Audubon Park:  Perfect Acceptance   

I have always considered it 
a sign of good luck
or even a message from the Divine
when the fluff of a milkweed seed
floats across my path 
on its uncertain journey
to an uncertain end. 
I can’t help being inspired by the sight 
of the fluff rising and dipping 
and changing directions according to
the vagaries of chance while it prays
to deliver its precious cargo
to a propitious landing site. 
The fluff’s drift conveys such a 
powerful sense of exquisite surrender 
that I am tempted to forget its 
biological imperative and attribute
its arrival in my life to some sort of
higher order of purpose.
Whether or not there is a deeper meaning
embedded in the moment of conjunction,
I have always chosen to welcome the fluff
as an emblem of perfect acceptance
as it floats out of my sight 
on its uncertain journey 
to an uncertain end. 
Reece Burka 


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