The poetic city: “The End of the World 5/24/18”

Editor’s Note: Notice the date on this poem (5/24/2018). When Reece Burka wrote this piece, he was alerted that the end of the world is coming. It seems rather fitting now during these times where people are not exactly sure what’s around the corner besides Google searching for new numbers. We hope that pretty soon we’ll all be able to say, “We made it!” as well. 

Reece Burka’s granddaughter who asked about the end of the world. (Photo provided by: Reece Burka)

The End of the World 5/24/18

My granddaughter read on the internet 
that the world would end tomorrow. 
She came to me in a panic for 
grandfatherly comfort. 
I tried my best to no avail…
When I promised her that it would not 
end tomorrow, she wanted proof. 
When I told her that people have been saying 
the world would end since the beginning 
of time, she said it only had to happen 
When I reminded her that she had imagined 
terrible things in the past that did not come true, 
she said that was in her head, but this was 
on the internet
So, I gave up and told her that our problem 
was not that the world might end tomorrow…
Our problem was that it might not..
That got a laugh and she finally got some sleep…  
The next day when I saw her she smiled, 
gave me a hug, and said , “We made it!”


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