From clips to clicks: Eczema broke out on face and neck

Editor’s Note: No, this isn’t The Onion, and yes, you are looking at a real news story. Students in Kelley Crawford’s Alternative Journalism class at Tulane University dove into the archives of the Times-Picayune to find some shinning star articles. Everything from people having snakes in their bellies to a man becoming a human torch will be covered in the series, “From Clips to Clicks.” Each weekly post will display the original piece from the Times-Picayune (the “clips”), and then the written text will either be a modern adaptation or a commentary on the piece that’s published on ViaNolaVie (the “clicks”). 

“Eczema Broke Out on Face and Neck”

If this article and its dramatized heading were featured in today’s media, it would more likely than not be considered irrelevant, eliciting a “So what?” response. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get eczema today, and steroid creams basically sell like hotcakes. Yet, eczema back in the day seemed to be something to fear, something to break headlines with, and something to illicit concern for the public. Can you imagine if there were articles on acne? As if the teenage years aren’t difficult enough with social media and camera lenses that hide nothing. Now teenagers would have to fear their face in the papers with a headline saying, “One Giant Volcanic Zit Takes Residence on Matthew’s Forehead. Again.” On a personal note, as someone who deals with the wrath of eczema, particularly in the winter time, I lather up with lotion and call it a day. Yet, if I was living in 1913 (June 20, 1913 to be exact), it looks like my nuisance would be on par with typhoid fever. That gives me a fever just thinking about that. In fact, I wonder if it will make my eczema act up? They say it’s stress-induced, but do we really know anything?  


Eczema Broke Out on Face and Neck

Article from Times-Picayune, June 20, 1913 (Photo courtesy of Tulane University Archives.)



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