The poetic city: “Stumbling Upon The Divine In A Propitious Moment On The Ring Levee Trail 12/25/19”

A drop of water can cause ripples seen and unseen (Photo: Wiki Commons)

Stumbling Upon The Divine In A Propitious Moment On The Ring Levee Trail    12/25/19

Just as the drizzle comes to an end
The sun breaks through the cloud cover 
and a raindrop makes a soft landing 
atop the smooth green carpet of algae
covering the swamp as far as the eye can see. 
The drop does not have long  
before it will slip into the water below, 
so it gets right to work.
That’s where I come into the picture
as I do my slow walk along a trail 
that always puts me in a state 
of timeless wonder. 
Lucky for me… lucky for the drop, 
all the elements are in place
for an encounter so rare, so ordinary, 
and so easily missed. 
At first it is an unexpected flash of red
that pulls me from my reverie, 
piques my curiosity, and forces me to 
carefully retrace my steps back and forth 
until I get another flash of color. 
This time it’s yellow; next it’s green; then blue…
until all the colors of the rainbow dance before 
my eyes. 
When I look up I realize that the entire swamp 
is dotted with jewels of color emanating from

raindrops caught in their evanescent moment. 

I am stunned… I am delighted… I am exalted. 
By the time I finish my walk 
all the drops have disappeared. 
But every so often I find them in the morning dew, 
in the spray of sprinklers, and in the splashes of children 
playing in their pools.
“And if I am lucky I will find them again one day
while slowly walking the Ring Levee Trail in Jean Lafitte Park 
just after a light drizzle, as the sun breaks through 
the cloud cover… now that I know what to look for.


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Feels so good in this space. Looking forward to more.

Riley Jason