The poetic city: “Three Shots of Brilliance 6/14/14”

Sprinkler fun for new thoughts. (Photo: Wiki)


Three Shots of Brilliance    6/14/14
Walking down Palmer Ave 
On a Sunday stroll
Seeking inspiration  
Dragged down by thought  
Until three, maybe four
Shots of brilliance
Flash before my eyes,
In scatter-gun array
As if out of nowhere
Halting my thoughts, 
Replacing them with 
A  state of wonder
That radically changes
The arc of my day
Seeking  the source
I spot the sprinkler
Too close to the sidewalk
Yet perfectly placed 
For flinging its spray
At just the right angle
To transform the sun 
Into the shots… 
The shots of brilliance
That crossed my path
That caught my eye, 
That halted my thoughts
Inspiring thus 
The state of wonder
That radically changed 
The arc of my day
And, all my days to follow 


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