The poetic city: “While on a Sunday Walk in the Park: Beyond Comprehension 7/15/12”

The old Meditation Walk in Audubon Park (photo by: Derek Bridges)


While on a Sunday Walk in the Park: Beyond Comprehension   7/15/12
In a moment when everything is right
I slowly walk the circular walk
Wherever the eye turns
    Sights amaze
    People interest
    And dogs smile (as always)
A moment when All is One
Yet …  
How far will this moment extend
As the Wheel of Fortune turns
What will it count
When the inevitable occurs
Will it exist only as dim memory
Will it balance the crushing  losses that await
Will it be the crown or the foolscap
Three white birds break from foliage
Flying at speed, in loose formation
Angling, dipping, soaring
In and out of sight; on a mission
To a place where only Mystery will suffice.


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