The poetic city: “Helen: Lost in a Sea of Familiarity 12/10/12”

Miss Helen making smiles with her love of dance. (Photo provided by: Ann Mahorner)

Helen: Lost in a Sea of Familiarity   12/10/12

Lost in a sea of familiarity

She struggles to find identity

In space and time and place.

Her attention easily captured

She hopes for a revelation

That continues to elude her grasp.

Searching for hints and clues

She reads the tags on furniture

Sounding out words of warning

Under penalty of law if removed

By anyone but the consumer.”

And she wonders what it means

And if she might be in trouble

So, she smiles at all who pass

Though she knows not who they are

Or why or where she is

A lifetime of manners serves well,

For others do smile back

She has forgotten who I am  

But senses I am something good

And agrees to do things my way.

Not knowing what else to do

Helen blesses me with her trust.


© Reece Burka 2/1/2019


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