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Single girl’s guide: Holiday survival

Tis’ the season of endless holiday parties, invites, and social events! Nerves are always a little heightened on a night out and social situations can be intimidating. Walking up to a bar packed tighter than a can of sardines can make anyone’s mind go blank, but here in New Orleans, this is something we confront all the time. There’s always a reason for a party, for a festival, or as we like to say in French, something to say, “Santé” to. That’s why I’m here to let you in on some of our Nola-girl-drinking secrets, and it all starts with that question of, “So, what are you drinking?”

Just what am I drinking? That got me thinking! Choosing the right drink is important; it sets your night and represents you—at least for that night!

Building your Drink Repertoire

What you drink is just as significant and personal as your accessories. Depending on which concrete jungle you come from, everyone will have their own unique list. Calling New Orleans my concrete jungle, I have compiled a reference you can fall back on during those funny moments that can catch you off guard. As the amazing single girl you are—you are prepared!

‘Go-To’ Drink

The Scene: You just entered a bar and someone offers to buy you a drink. Shy, nervous, anxious, no time to look at the menu? Deer stuck in headlights feeling?

You need to be quick on your feet or you’ll miss your opportunity.

Requirements: Seasonless and universal!

What’s mine? Gin and Soda Water with a lime (tip: tonic is full of useless calories)



Where I love to get the ‘Go-To’ Drink? The Bulldog, Uptown. Maybe it’s a place dominated by beer, but I comfortably sip on my ‘Go-To’ drink—specially prepared by another Adventure Time enthusiast, Don!

Decadent Drink

The Scene: Special occasions—and I consider “just because” a special occasion!

Requirements: Awakens your inner diva and feeds her soul!

What’s mine? Ramos Gin Fizz or anything with egg whites


Photo by: TaggyLee Mermis Bowers

Where I love to get the Decadent Drink? Between our cocktail waitress, another Sarah with an ‘h’, and Will, our bartender, I felt like J.Lo on Christmas surrounded by the majestic white winter wonderland that adorns The Roosevelt Hotel during the holiday season!

Sunday Funday Drink

The Scene: Self-explanatory

Requirements: Brings you and your friends together, so the more the merrier!

What’s mine? Frozen Irish Coffee

Where I love to get the Sunday Funday Drink: Molly’s at the Market!

Molly's at the Market

Molly’s at the Market

Hangover Drink

 The Scene: Had too much to drink the night before? You let your indulgent girl out and you woke up the rational girl you normally are. That’s alright, rationality and fun can always dance together if the music is right.

Requirements: Doesn’t make you throw-up!

What’s mine? Bloody McCool with a Guinness top (Irish twist on the classic Bloody Mary) or White Russian (sometimes I like to Big Lebowski it)

Where I love to get the Hangover Drink? There’s nothing like being taken care of by one of your favorite bartenders, Marie, at your favorite watering hole, Finn McCool’s, to help chase the hangover blues away!


A few things to keep in mind when Building your Drink Repertoire:

Affects Alcohol Effects:

Have you ever gone out and had your usual and been fine; then on another occasion you had the same and woke up hungover? These are some things I found that I need to take into consideration when drinking.

Emotional State

Menstrual Cycle


Have you eaten?

What have you eaten?

Did you get enough sleep?

Are your allergies flaring up?

Knowing Your Limit:


SGGCJ does not condone drinking and driving. Alcohol affects everyone very differently, and we always want you to be SAFE!

Taxi/Uber/Streetcar/Passenger— SGGCJ wants every girl to drink responsibly and use best judgement.

*have a glass of water between drinks

Nothing replaces WATER to Rehydrate!

Drunk dog

We never want to be like this pooch in the photo, but how can you resist to say, “Awe, how adorable!”

Until I see you again, remember…”To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance.” –Oscar Wilde

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