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We all need some New Orleans in our lives … especially these days. Which is why we’d like you to consider donating to NolaVie for your Giving Tuesday contribution.

We are the only submission-based media organization of our kind dedicated solely to New Orleans arts and culture … and not just beads and beans. We go to the places no one else does, so that you can get the scoop on local artists, lifestyles and events.

On this website, you’ll find stories about everything from spoken word poetry to our weekly “New Orleans con Sabor Latino.”

Everything we publish is offered without an agenda or an attitude. We don’t sugarcoat what’s going on in the world or our city, but we also don’t wallow in it either. Instead, we share stories that remind us of the magic and the power of the rituals, traditions and symbols that have long made New Orleans the greatest city on Earth.

And we think doing that is the perfect antidote for these divisive and isolating times. If you agree, please take a moment to support our work … and show your love for New Orleans … with a donation. Whether it’s $30, $300, or $3000, any and all amounts help (that’s right: We snuck some pre-Tri-Centennial strategy in there).  Your contribution will help us pay the contributors who find our stories, the ones who write them, and the people who produce them online, through video and audio.

You’ll be helping us go deeper and further in spreading the New Orleans love. Which no doubt will better someone’s day. Maybe even yours.

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