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New Orleans plagues: The buck moth caterpillars (Video)


Buck moth caterpillar (Photo by: Judy Gallagher)

They have arrived: the beautiful spring days rare to New Orleans. Maybe you’ve been enjoying the Edenic weather by riding your bike on the Lafitte Greenway, taking in a picnic under the oaks with a lover, or simply basking in the sunny breeze with a nice leisure walk.

Yet, there is the possibility that when you tilt your head back in relaxation that you are dive-bombed by a cute, fluffy, linear body with curious antennas. That cuteness comes with a price. Welts, burns, stings. It is first, of many, plagues to come to New Orleans, and Plague number one is known as the buck moth caterpillars.

As Zack Lemann, curator of Animal Collections, Audubon Butterfly Garden, and Insectarium explains, “The buck moth caterpillar is one of four common species of caterpillars that can sting that you might find in an around New Orleans.” He has many more facts about where and why these little furry welters hang out around New Orleans, and here he is to tell you about them:

This video was originally posted on the Audubon Zoo Youtube channel, which you can subscribe to here for more creature feature updates.





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