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NETworking: Introducing Charles Thomas and Alexandria Arceneaux

Editor’s note: NolaVie is proud to partner with five young tech apprentices in the Earn and Learn program at the Cowen Institute at Tulane University. The program offers intensive, career-focused technical and academic skills training through partnering institutions Bard Early College and Delgado Community College. We asked the Earn and Learn students to use their tech skills to write, produce, publish, edit and cover their community, with content that will appear here and on their own blog, Y-U-Kno Tech. First up: Meet the techies.


Charles (Photo credit: Kelley Crawford)

Hey! I am a lovely, laid-back individual from New Orleans, who also lived in Marietta, Georgia for half of my life. I’m 24 years old and I am currently a Tech Apprentice at Earn and Learn.

Two things I’d take to a desert island: My wife because I love her company and I’d take a book bag for food. And filled with things to build a fire.

If  you were a tool, what tool would it be? Hammer, because there’re two sides to every story.

The social justice issue I’m most passionate about: Youths not having real role models. I think it plays a major part in young children’s lives if they have someone they can look up to. For instance, if someone is fatherless, brotherless, sisterless, or motherless, that’s a situation where there are no role models.

My go-to comfort food: Crispy Chicken Sandwich. I love the different variety of food choices in New Orleans.

What I hate about New Orleans: The pot holes in the street.

The smartphone app I can’t live without: NBA GameTime App!

Alexandria at 100K event March 2017Hi, I’m Alexandria Arceneaux, 23, a graphic design apprentice with the Earn and Learn Program at Cowen Institute who is from Lafayette, La.

Career goal: To not be content with life, but to strive to be able to live life freely and comfortably. To not have to worry about certain small everyday worries. To be able to make a decent amount of money in graphic design. To progress in finishing my book and getting it published.

What two things I’d take with me to a deserted island: I would take water and music and shut out all other distractions–using the experience as a way to escape reality. I would take advantage of the peace and tranquility. I’d embrace the wildlife and watch the ways of nature, thinking of everything in a different perspective. This vacation would give me a chance to clear my head and think and be grateful for the smaller things in life.

If I were a tool, what tool would I be? I’d be a screwdriver, because I would have the capability to fill all the holes that life has placed in my fence. Screws, as we know, are meant to fill holes and serve a purpose, such as hold things in place. They build strong structures.

Favorite Food: Anything homemade….I love pasta!

Topics I plan to cover through blogging: Everyday life




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