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It’s time to get emojitional about New Orleans

Screenshot_2017-03-31_09.57.02Picture this: It’s a beautiful day, you’re out running, and the French Quarter is at its finest. You want to invite your friends to come meet you in the park. You open the group chat, click the emoji screen, and select the St. Louis Cathedral emoji in iMessage, instantly letting your friends know where you are—and where to meet.

This is the future of communication, going back to the start: conveying information with pictures and images.

So who uses emojis? Everyone! Nine out of 10 people use them, and they are increasingly important in our interactions with one another. Around the world, people are sending 6 billion emojis each day! To communicate in this new world, smartphone users need image options for communicating about topics they care about—from politics to pop culture to local landmarks.

As a former visual artist, I knew I wanted to help create the pictures that people would communicate with. But I also wanted to help artists monetize their art. I was sick of seeing my friends struggle to find ways to be paid for their work, and I knew artists around the country and the world were facing similar struggles. I wanted to create a way for artists to create revenue streams from their art.

I founded MojiLaLa [] in order to do both.

MojilLaLa is an emoji and sticker marketplace that directly connects artists and users in a symbiotic relationship: Artists are able to distribute their work simply (they don’t have to write a single line of code), quickly, and completely free of charge, while iPhone users have an endless supply of emoji—including localized stickers of their favorite landmarks—at their fingertips.

But with over 20,000 emojis at your fingertips, how do you find the right one? We offer sophisticated emoji searchability. Instead of scrolling endlessly to find a desired emoji, MojiLaLa gives users the ability to conduct a keyword search. Its image recognition technology detects the emojis’ and stickers’ meanings and shows the results to users. This technology is making it easier and faster to communicate via images than ever before and is transforming the way that humans communicate with each other.

We also use geolocation to allow users to access the emojis they need to say what they want quickly. By having ready access to these emojis through geolocation features, soon residents and tourists alike will be able to use unique New Orleans-themed stickers and emojis to decorate and streamline their conversations.

We use keyboard, image recognition, geolocation, and API technology to connect artists and consumers in a symbiotic relationship. Artists are able to deliver their work (in the form of emojis and stickers) simply, quickly, and for a profit, while users have an endless supply of emojis at their fingertips.

Our app, MojiLaLa Unlimited, is the #1 sticker distributor for Apple’s iMessage, and now we are looking for New Orleans-area artists to join our roster of over 2,000 sticker and emoji creators.

The process is easy: Artists deliver their work simply (no coding knowledge needed!), quickly, and free of charge to iMessage users who crave fresh and unique emojis. In exchange, artists receive 50% of the profits of sales of their emojis.

CNBC has called MojiLaLa the ‘Netflix’ of digital stickers. If you’re a New Orleans-area artist who has ever found yourself longing to gain a wider audience for their work and the money that comes with that, the MojiLaLa approach is a real miracle.

You can submit your artwork at


Dana Loberg is the CEO and co-founder of MojiLaLa, an emoji marketplace for artists and studios from all over the world. By connecting designers and their emojis with chat platforms, keyboards and bot platforms, artists get greater distribution, monetization and visibility for their sticker-making skills. Interested in being an emoji artist? Find out more at:

Prior to founding MojiLaLa, Dana was also the cofounder of MovieLaLa: a mobile distribution platform for Hollywood studios. She worked with top studios includingDisney, Lionsgate, Paramount, Universal, Skydance and others.A Los Angeles native, Dana is a former artist who wants to help bridge the gap between the creative and technology world in which we live. She also started her career in the creative development and production department at Fox Studios, later breaking into the advertising world, working as a copywriter and creative associate for agencies such as McCann Erickson and JWT. She currently resides in San Francisco. Dana Loberg is currently in 500 Startups Silicon Valley, Batch 19.




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