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Open Screen: Quick conversations with filmmakers

Editor’s Note: NolaVie is partnering with Open Screen, which is a community cinema program with monthly events and low cost projection services. Open Screen is comprised of New Orleans-based cinema makers and lovers who host regular screenings of original material. Their regular open mic for filmmakers, Open Screen, New Orleans invites all types of filmmakers to show short work, 10-minutes or less. More information is available at

For the opening, NolaVie talked with filmmaker Carl Johnson. It is a short conversation for a short film.

Name: Carl Johnson

Film: I Run

What is one scene from the film that you cannot get out of your mind? Why do you think it stick with you? 

CJ: The runner running through water jets. It sticks with me because it is funny and was also really funny to film.

If you could project this film anywhere, besides Open Screen, where would you love to see it screened? 

CJ: It would be cool if it played before a comedy feature in movie theaters.

What would your favorite (or most admired) film director have to say about your film? 

CJ: I think he might smile and say, “That’s so stupid.”

What new thoughts or ideas did making this film bring up in your life? 

CJ: It made me want to make more one-off micro shots.

Give us a movie critic’s one-sentence review of your film. 

CJ: An unexpected turn of events.



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