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Cinema Reset expands beyond the screen

The Martu tribe of the Western Australian Pilbara desert had their first contact with modern technology in the 1950’s – via an atomic bomb.

Without any context whatsoever, indigenous elder Nyarri Morgan and his tribe witnessed an A-bomb test, and it’s Morgan’s experience that artist Lynette Wallworth is aiming to share with audiences at her virtual reality journey COLLISIONS, which debuted at Sundance and is one of five exhibits at this year’s Cinema Reset.

Cinema Reset, now in its fifth year, is the New Media partner of the New Orleans Film Festival. And for those unfamiliar with New Media, just think of “anything that goes beyond the traditional screening format,” said Organizer Lindsey Phillips. That can include immersive virtual reality projects like ‘Collisions’, multimedia installations, video art, and more.

“We’re also going to be doing projection mapping, where you can take very large scale projections and put them up onto the exterior of a building, and have lots of projections going on,” said Phillips, referring to Abraham Kinkoph and his collective, the KREWE OF VAPORWAVE, which will be projection mapped onto the exterior of the new May Gallery building.

“There’s definitely no one-size-fits of new media,” she added, “but there’s a lot of different avenues in which to move forward, which is kind of what has always interested me.

“I’m really excited that people can have a story or people can have an idea of an experience that you want your audiences to feel and you don’t have to be subjected to, well, here’s this particular box, and I have ninety minutes to go through an arc to get people to understand what I’m feeling,” she added.

Instead, you can ask, “’What is my story? What is the best was for me to tell that story?’ And with changing technology, I think it gives artists a lot of opportunities to step outside of that and to be able to use lots of different mediums to tell their stories.”

Cinema Reset begins on Thursday, October 13 and runs through Monday, October 17, with many exhibits at the Ace Hotel (600 Carondelet Street) and some down that block at the May Gallery at Carondelet and Julia.

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The box office is now open for the 2016 New Orleans Film Festival, and you can purchase your tickets here:



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