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Let your inner dancer out with the New Orleans flashmob

Editor’s Note: In case you have ever wanted to release your inner dancer, now is your time. You can join New Orleans 5th Annual Thriller Flashmob Workshop Experience. Dance classes begin September 3 and run until October 29 at New Orleans School of Ballet (717 Adams Street). Workshops are run by Kenneth “KYNT” Bryan, who we featured as one of our artists (see below). You can also learn more about the flashmob through Sharon Litwin’s coverage here. The cost is $100 for the session or $15 per individual class. Those who register by August 29, 2016 will receive a $10 discount. To register, or call 504-453-6991.

Kenneth Bryan

Kenneth “KYNT” Bryan (photo: Kelley Crawford)

Who: Kenneth “KYNT” Bryan

What: Dancer, Actor, and Recording Artist

Where: Uptown

Artist’s Chosen Location for Interview: On the front lawn of Loyola University


Q: What is something you only want to see or witness from a bird’s eye view?

A: I’ve always wanted to experience flight. I want to be able to fly. When I’m up there, I would like to look at the patterns of how people move. I’d want to look at how the planets move and how intricate everything is. I’d love to see how everything works together even though it looks separate.

I imagine that it would look like a circuit board on a computer. Everything seems to have a pattern—there’s a pattern in the way cars drive, in the way people are walking, and there’s even a pattern in the routines that we do everyday. We wake up everyday and do the same repetition. I’d love to see that from a distance.

Q: What causes a routine to end?

A: Routines can always have unexpected stops and breaks. It can be anything. Some people smoke cigarettes to break routine. It can be that small. Or you could be distracted.

In this world today, the distractions are ridiculous. People are worried about their make-up, what clothes they wear, how much money they make, getting that man, all kinds of different things.

And the chemicals in your body can also throw off your routine. I mean, imagine eating the same thing everyday. Let’s say you’re a vegan—eating vegetables everyday—and then one day you just eat a big old pork roast. Something is going to change, right? You know it will.

One of the only things I can think that I’d do over and over again without ever breaking the routine is dancing and singing. I never want to stop. It keeps me healthy, and it keeps all my gifts going. That’s what I love to do. It’s my calling, so I do it all the time. I’d also throw teaching in there. So dancing, singing, and teaching—all at the same time. I already sing the instructions when I’m teaching, so I guess I’m already doing that.

Q: What is your go-to meal when you’re in a hurry?

A: Fish. Just a can of tuna fish. Open that thing up—no mayonnaise or anything—and eat half the can. Or an apple or banana. Anything I can grab.

Q: If you could afford your imagination for one hour, what would you buy?

A: Oh my…in a one-hour shopping spree. I would start so many foundations. I would start a foundation for the homeless. I’d start a dance school. I’d create an organization for people who learn differently. Sometimes people think others are slow, but it’s really because that person learns differently. If you target into how they learn then there’s no concept of slow. You have to think about audio learning, visual learning, or other types of learning that we may not always have as part of our learning process.

Oh, and I’d also buy myself something really nice during that hour.

Then I’d start a record company, a modeling agency, and a film company. Oh, and an advertising company. Now that I’m thinking about it, I want to make sure I house them all under one conglomerate. That way they’d all be there after that hour was gone—all paid for and ready.

Then I’d put myself on television and say [laughing],‘You’re welcome.’

Q: What is something that gives you the chills?

A: I had a bad experience with snakes. Someone put a snake on me, and it left me really traumatized. It’s a long story, but it was just some crazy randomness where someone didn’t know what they were doing. They were playing around and trying to scare me. They put snakes on me, and it was really not fun.

Now I have a phobia. This was this year too, so it’s a recent situation. I don’t think people are evil by nature. I really think they’re good by nature, but there’s evil in some people. They don’t want to see you succeed and they try to put obstacles or distractions in your life in order to control you.

But you can always overcome that. I think about my obstacles and how I overcame them. I graduated from Loyola with a degree in dance. I got my masters from Tulane. I put out a new record. I have my own Flash Mob company. And, I’m still dancing.


Kenneth ‘KYNT’ Bryan teaches Dance Fitness at Loyola University. He has a new album coming out this year, and he spearheads Flash Mob New Orleans, which will be performing in front of City Hall on October 30th at 12:00 PM. You can find out more about Kenneth at his Facebook and Istagram.



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