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No Funds in This Fun: Free Events for the Season!

Now that the holiday season is upon us and cards, cash, and checks are making us wonder if we’re hemorrhaging money along with the good cheer of the season, we at NolaVie want to offer some great holiday fun that is free, free, and free! Cause whether it’s festivals, music on the street corners, or food at your local bar during a Saints Game (Geaux Saints!), New Orleans is known for fun even when you don’t have any funds to spare! But we’re going to put a little spin on these holiday events. Some are outdoors where you can cuddle up with your loved ones or a stranger, and some are some weird things we’d love for you to try and report back to us about (we’d love to see some photos). So here’s what we have for your week!

Monday, December 14

“Soar Like a Dove” performance



“Soar Like a Dove” Local actor, dancer, recording artist, choreographer and performer Kennth Kynt Bryan will perform a new solo collaborative choreographic piece entitled “Soar Like A Dove” for The Riverwalk Collection’s first “Sound Of The Season” holiday show on December 15, 2015 at 6pm! The piece takes on the every changing forces affecting mother nature and serves to fortify the relentless courage as a human species to move forward no matter the challenge. That’s right, get serious and thoughtful about the holiday as you start off the week!


Tuesday, December 15

Destroy Pinterest with New Orleans Creativity


Photo found on


If there is one thing that New Orleans has, it is creativity and a whole bunch of free, so-called “trash.” There are leftover beads from Mardi Gras, thousands of lightbulbs in the gutters of curbs, and more pallets than stores know what to do with. So…how about a Menorah made of old train-track parts? A snowman made of beads? We’d love to see what you come up with for Ramadan, Kwanzaa, Eid al-Fitr, or any other holiday celebrations that fill the calendar in December. A snowman made of tires is tired news to us New Orleanians. We have tires made into all kinds of structures all year round, so let’s spend some time crafting junk into a structure of junk, taking really over-exposed pictures of it, and then posting it on a website!




Wednesday, December 16 (and all week long)

Free concerts at the St. Louis Cathedral


Nothing gets you quite in the holiday spirit than those old-timey tunes of yesteryear. The St. Louis Cathedral is putting on its annual Christmas concert series with a seriously cheery line-up. You can see the full calendar here, and know that on December 16 the voices of the Opera Creole will be filling those high ceilings of the St. Louis Cathedral.

Thursday, December 17

Get yourself to the free day at the Ogden Museum


Illustration by: Emma Fick


There isn’t anything particularly “holiday” about the exhibits at the Ogden Museum, but they will most likely put you in a cheery mood, and isn’t that what this month is all about? That and giving, which is exactly what the Ogden Museum does every Thursday. They give free entrance to all Louisiana residents, so go check out all the new exhibits. You can see a full listing of exhibits on the Ogden’s website.







Friday, December 18

Liven up that obligatory holiday party!

Just take a look at how boring this first holiday party photo looks! There are no silly sweaters, the non-verbals are so isolating, and the overhead light is just an abomination to the warm feeling holiday parties are supposed to provide. This is the week of holiday parties for jobs, loose acquaintances, volunteer positions, or accompanying your partner to parties they may not even want to attend. We say make the best of it. Bring that holiday excitement that lives inside you and let it explode all over the party. Photo bomb people you’ve never met. Tell jokes that only end with “Because it’s Christmas, get it?” And dance. Dance your hearts out. New Orleans is full of spirit, and we’re excited to see what you do with yours!


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